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Hong Kong FC 2022-23 Home Jersey/Shirt


This is an Adidas Hong Kong FC home jersey as worn by the club throughout the 2022-23 period.

The Hong Kong Football Club is one of the foremost private members’ clubs in Hong Kong and was originally founded as a rugby and football club in 1886. HKFC’s football team has been a key part of the football scene in Hong Kong since Asia’s oldest domestic league was first formed in 1908, however has largely remained focused on playing at an amateur level in the lower tiers of Hong Kong football. Their only 1st tier league title was in the 1919-20 season and in recent decades the club has usually opted not to take promotion to the top tier despite being regular 2nd tier champions. HKFC have won 15 tier two league titles since 1972 and have only accepted promotion on three occasions in recent years (2006, 2010 & 2016), however have struggled to compete against professional clubs in the top tier with their squad comprised of part-time footballers, many of which are expats working in Hong Kong’s financial sector.