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Monaco 2017-18 Home Jersey/Shirt



This is a Nike Monaco national team home jersey as worn by the team throughout the 2017-18 period.

Monaco is one of two sovereign European states (along with the Vatican City) that is not a member of UEFA and therefore cannot compete in official FIFA or UEFA sanctioned matches. While it is possible that they would be eligible to join both organisations, due to their small population of only 38,300 it is unlikely they would be competitive at international level. Despite this, Monaco do have any official national team that play matches against other non-FIFA members, with teams such as the Vatican City, Provence and Occitania being regular opponents in friendly matches. They also competed at the VIVA World Cup in 2006, losing the final against Sápmi by a massive 21-1. In addition, Monaco are members of ConIFA, however are yet to compete in any ConIFA-sanctioned tournaments.