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Kiribati Prototype Home (#9) Jersey/Shirt



This is a Palm Tree Sports Kiribati national team prototype home jersey.

The Kiribati national team represents the Republic of Kiribati, an independent island nation in the central Pacific Ocean comprised of 32 atolls and with a total population of 123,000. Kiribati is very vulnerable to climate change due to their low-lying islands and is at risk of having a large portion of their land becoming uninhabitable in the coming decades as a result of rising sea levels. Although Kiribati is a sovereign state it is not a member of FIFA and is only an associate member of the Oceania Football Confederation. Their international appearances have been limited to their participation in three South Pacific Games football tournaments- in 1979, 2003 and 2011. In each of these competitions they have lost every match, with their best result being a loss on penalties against Tuvalu in the 1979 South Pacific Games.