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El-Salam Wau 2018 Home (#15- ABUBAKAR) Jersey/Shirt



This is an AMS Clothing El-Salam Wau 2018 home jersey featuring the number of star midfielder Salah Abubakar.

El-Salam Wau are based in the north-western city of Wau and are one of the strongest clubs in South Sudan. Since South Sudan became independent in 2011, El-Salam have largely dominated club football in the country, winning the South Sudan Football Championship in 2012 & 2017 and also winning the South Sudan National Cup in 2011, 2016 & 2017.

Salah Abubakar is one of South Sudan’s most promising young defensive midfielders and has been one of the few players to be based outside of the clubs in Juba to consistently represent South Sudan at international level.